Ishaan Singh Shekhawat

Hi, I am Ishaan Singh

I know you noticed my long neck after checking my profile picture. It has been an attractive part of my character ever since I can remember. But my loved ones know me for something else. My secret identity is being an SEO by day and a box office nerd by night. So without wasting your precious time, let’s get to the point here…

Learnings: I am a Freelance SEO and have been learning and growing in the industry for more than 4 years. I started with a WordPress site with no writing or SEO skills around June 2019, and today it gets at least 5k+ monthly organic visitors and continues to grow further. Apart from that, I regularly complete various SEO courses (recently did the User Experience for Non-Designers) to up my game. I keep a regular check on the SEO world through social media like Twitter, Reddit, and Mastodon to make sure I am in the loop.

Experience: In July 2021, I got the wonderful opportunity to work with Alzina Marketing and worked there as an SEO Strategist for 12 months. My main tasks were to create strategies for the client websites and make sure all the SEO tasks were being performed efficiently.

In December 2021, a client (in the manufacturing industry) approached me after doing a website redesign and had lost much of their traffic. Some of the implementations I did to fix it were:

  • Redirect mapping helped Google to focus on the new URLs
  • Fixed all broken internal links
  • Clearly defined the heading structure of all pages.
  • Improved site architecture, so all essential pages were just a click away from the home page.
  • Configured the sitemap to remove the unnecessary plugin configuration pages.
  • Configured their Google Business Profile for Local SEO.

Finally, the website accomplished almost full recovery within a month. And it continues to improve as we add more content to the website.

Currently, I am working as a freelance SEO (and yes, you can reach out to me on the contact page if you’d like me to work on your website).

So that’s all I wanted you to know about me. This is my blog, where I publish blogs on SEO and other topics that interest me.

If you read my posts/blogs, please feel free to share your insights or thoughts. I love constructive criticism and try my best to improve myself.